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PDF: Intelligentics Three Things Thursday Transcript 20191031


Welcome to Three Things Thursday for Oct 31, 2019.

Each week: One item trending, One item from the trenches, and one timeless principle.

What’s #trending: It’s November, which in the States means elections. I know that in my circles I’m hearing both weariness over the circus in Washington and the volatility it can produce in our markets. I’ve even observed some individuals who have tremendous amounts of anxiety,¬† to the point that it becomes a distraction.

As I contemplate this, I’m reminded of many great business leaders I’ve known through the years – who don’t waste time and energy on things they cannot control, but rather focus on the things they do.

Which brings us to…

An Item from the #trenches: The ITX research team discovered a decline in CSAT for a client. A follow-up survey revealed that the dissatisfaction was with the company’s email communication. Our SQA team then assessed 100 emails between the company and customers and discovered a number of tangible opportunities to improve the customer experience. By focusing on the pain point, and the things they control, they are on their way to measurable improvement. There are so many options for expending our time and resources. It’s nice to know exactly what we need to focus on.
#TimelessPrinciple: Asian proverb: When walking, walk. When eating, eat.

A good reminder to focus on the task at hand and the things in my control, let everything else take care of itself.

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