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Transcript Of Three Things Thursday 20191107

PDF: Intelligentics Three Things Thursday Transcript 20191107

Welcome to Three Things Thursday for Oct 31, 2019.
One item #Trending, one item from the #Trenches of our projects, and one #TimelessPrinciple.

#Trending: News broke this week regarding the investigation into last January’s mining disaster in Brazil, in which a dam gave way killing 252 people. According to reports, the CEO of the company was warned of problems with the company’s dams by an anonymous source. It appears, however, that he chose to seek out the identity of the whistleblower rather than investigate the problem.

Which reminds me of a project from the Intelligentics…

#Trenches: Intelligentics was asked to do a Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) survey and a Service Quality Assessment for a company with a leading brand position in their market. Our research showed that customer satisfaction was lower than expected, and our assessment of phone calls between the company and their customers revealed a host of issues. The good news? Our intelligence provided simple, tactical opportunities to improve. The bad news? Our data contradicted the company’s internal Business Intelligence unit who painted a rosy picture for their bosses in the C-Suite. Sadly, our reports were buried. Eventually, heads rolled in the C-Suite.

Which brings us to this week’s…

#TimelessPrinciple: German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer said that all truth goes through three stages: First it’s ridiculed, then it’s violently opposed, and finally it’s accepted as being a self-evident truth.

Are you ready to find out the truth about what your customers expect and the service your team is delivering to customers each day? Give me a call. It’s what we’ve been doing for over 25 years here at Intelligentics, where Intelligence meets tactics.

Have a great day!