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Transcript Of Three Things Thursday 20191114

PDF: Intelligentics Three Things Thursday Transcript 20191114

Hi! I’m Tom Vander Well with Intelligentics, where Intelligence Meets Tactics. Welcome to Three Things Thursday for November 14, 2019. Each week we bring you One item trending, One item from the trenches, and one timeless principle.

#Trending: Holiday shopping is in full swing and an article in Inc. Magazine this week detailed how Walmart is taking a bite out of Amazon’s popularity. It was widely believed that Walmart was hopelessly eating Amazon’s dust, but the global retailer has shifted rapidly to meet customer online demand and consumers appear to be happy with having both the ease of fast, online ordering and the presence of local bricks-and-mortar.

Which brings us to an item from the…

#Trenches: Intelligentics had a client in the B2B world of electronic component manufacturing and distribution. China made a huge play to break into the market with cheap alternatives and our client was warned of the doom to follow if they didn’t slash their prices. Intelligentics research team, however, did a Strategic Positioning Analysis which revealed our client was viewed by customers as an innovator and service leader in their industry. With that intelligence they tactically invested in R&D and an Intelligentics SQA to improve service quality. There was a short-term dip in their sales, but customers soon returned – willing to pay more money for reliability, quality, and exceptional service.

Which brings us to this week’s

#TimelessPrinciple: W.Edwards Deming, the father of the American Quality movement said that the consumer is the most important point on the production line. Knowing what your customers expect and delivering on the things that drive their satisfaction, those are two crucial keys to success.

If you’d like to measure your customers’ expectations or the quality of service you’re team is delivering, give me a call. It’s what we’ve been doing for over 25 years right here at Intelligentics, where Intelligence meets tactics.

Have a great day!