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Five Common Problems Of Internal QA (and How We Solve Them!)

When it comes to call monitoring and Quality Assessment, most companies assume that it’s cheaper and easier to do in internally than hire a third-party to do the call analysis, reporting, and coaching for you. What they don’t often consider is the common problems that come with internal QA programs, and how a provider like Intelligentics makes a lot of sense in the long run.

Let me give you five common pitfalls of internal Quality Assessment:

  1. It doesn’t get done. Any contact center from 2 agents to 2,000 agents is a stressful, ever-changing environment. There are always fires to put out, and the thing that’s typically pushed to the back burner first is analyzing calls. The clients who hire Intelligentics to be their QA team know that it will always get done, and get done on time.
  2. It doesn’t done well. Because call analysis typically gets procrastinated and pushed to the back burner, when it does get done it’s usually by a rushed supervisor or manager simply trying to score a bunch of calls to meet a deadline. This means, it’s not done well. Intelligentics was a pioneer in QA. We have done it for over 25 years, and we pride ourselves in being diligent in the consistency and thoroughness of our analysis.
  3. Analyst Bias. No one really talks about this, but analyst bias happens all the time with internal QA programs. A supervisor, frustrated with an agent for other reasons, uses QA to passive-aggressively vent their anger. A manager, hoping to be liked, regularly chooses not to mark an agent down for missing a particular element and just “coach him on it.” The independent, experienced analysts at Intelligentics represent your customer’s point-of-vew and provide an outside, objective assessment of each customer interaction.
  4. Misdirected focus. Internal QA programs often reflect the bent of the management team, which may – or may not – reflect the things your customers really care about. Intelligentics has been measuring customer satisfaction for decades, and our QA approach is focused on measuring the service skills and systemic issues that will move the needle on your customers’ satisfaction.
  5. Wasted resources. Companies creating a QA program assume that it’s cheaper to do it in house rather than hire it done, but they typically underestimate the time and energy required in figuring out how to do it well. Education, training, trial, error, endless meetings, calibration, failures, and mistakes waste money and resources that could be better used elsewhere. Intelligentics’ clients regularly tell us that they love being able to focus their resources and people on what they do well, knowing that they can trust us to do what we do well for them.

Intelligentics has helped many companies improve the quality and consistency of their customers’ experience. In fact, we’ve been proving on-going QA and agent coaching for some of the same clients for over 20 years. We’d love to do the same for you. Give us a call today (515-777-8899) or fill out the form below. We’d love to alleviate your QA headaches and let you get back to focusing on your business.

As about our Inspect100 standard assessment. For as little as $5999 our team will assess 100 phone calls, providing you with web delivered data and recommendations, a personal consultation, and a certification of completion suitable for display.