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Wednesday Wisdom: One Step

There are many companies who have a goal this year to begin a Quality Assessment (QA) program or strategy but they don’t know where to begin. Over the years we’ve found that within most corporate operations there exist a lot of “low hanging fruit” when it comes to improvement opportunities, and it doesn’t take a major, on-going QA program to identify them and address them. Intelligentics has been helping companies implement Quality programs for over a quarter-century, and we often begin with one, simple assessment of how the team is doing in real interactions with customers. That one assessment can tell you a great deal about where you stand, what your greatest opportunities for improvement are, and what skills and issues need to be initially addressed.

Just one assessment. Just one step forward. Our Inspect100 assessment was created to help you take that first step. We can also customize a one-time assessment to get you started on the path to improving your customer experience without long-term commitments and hits to your budget.