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Recap: Strategy and planning for 2021 and beyond is trending and feedback loops are key. In the trenches, two examples of how Intelligentics’ research and QA services are providing feedback loops for clients in their strategies for the future, and a timeless business principle from Bill Gates.


Welcome back to another edition of #ThreeThingsThursday. I’m Tom Vander Well with Intelligentics, where intelligence meets tactics.


2021 has begun but uncertainty has definitely not waned in the first week of the year. That said, everyone’s goals, strategies, and planning continue to be the #Trending topic in business right now. Online magazine Material Handling & Logistics had a fascinating article recently about Feedback Loops and why you should care about them. “feedback loops represent both formal and informal mechanisms by which planners at lower levels of the planning hierarchy provide feedback to planners at higher levels.” The absence of feedback loops within your system handicaps your planning with regard to strategy, logistics, and operations.


Here in the #Trenches at Intelligentics both our research and Quality Assessment services are providing clients with critical feedback loops that are helping them plan for 2021 and beyond. Customer and market surveys provide crucial feedback about customer attitudes and expectations which are shifting faster than ever before in a rapidly changing marketplace. One client recently discovered that the customer base they’ve served for years is aging and retiring, and a new generation is emerging with very different desires, needs, and expectations. Most people think of Quality Assessment simply as a performance management tool for front-line, customer-facing employees, but Intelligentics’ Service Quality Assessment is also providing our clients with feedback on systemic issues their customers are experiencing because we hear the issues that are driving calls, emails, chats, and complaints. Our SQA recently helped one client realize an opportunity to digitally transform a clunky legacy process frustrating customers. We got to be the conduit of feedback because we heard the customer complaining on a phone call.


Bill Gates said, “Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source for learning.” Are you lacking the feedback loops you need to effectively listen to your customers and gather the intelligence to strategically plan for success on the uncertain road ahead? We can help you there. Give us a call (515-777-8899; Critical feedback loops are what we do here at Intelligentics, where Intelligence meets tactics!