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Recap: Spring! Baseball! And a new season of hope is trending this week as we mark the one-year anniversary of the COVID pandemic. In the trenches, Intelligentics is working on projects that were delayed because of COVID, and wise ol’ King Solomon provides this week’s timeless principle.


Welcome back to another edition of #ThreeThingsThursday. I’m Tom Vander Well with Intelligentics, where intelligence meets tactics.


 If you can’t tell from my wardrobe today, it’s SPRING here in the northern hemisphere, and in Arizona and Florida the boys of summer are playing baseball in spring training. Baseball season is right around the corner. So what does that have to do with business? It was a year ago today that the World Health Organization officially announced a world-wide pandemic that radically changed our lives and our businesses. But Spring is always a season of hope, reminding us that the dark days of winter are over and we have reason to hope. Likewise, there’s reason to hope that the pandemic is waning and business can start, once again, to focus on business.


I’m excited to announce that we are launching and working on a number of customer surveys and Quality Assessment projects that were placed on hold last year. But we’re entering a new season, and businesses are ready find out from customers how COVID has changed their perceptions and expectation, as well as finding out how sales and customer support teams have delivered against customer expectations in unprecedented circumstances.


We’ve used this before, but that’s the thing about wisdom, it never ceases to be true. King Solomon said, “There’s a time for everything and a season for every activity.” A year ago we were in a season to stop, wait, and proceed with caution and care. With the hope of spring we’re entering a new season when many businesses are finding it time to kick things back into gear. 


If you’re looking for objective, reliable intelligence regarding your customers and the quality of your team’s service, we’d love to partner with you. It’s what we do here at Intelligentics, where Intelligence meets tactics.