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It’s #ThreeThingsThursday! It’s August 19, 2021. As always, give us three minutes and we give you one item trending, one item from the trenches of Intelligentics, and one timeless principle.


What’s #Trending is the ongoing drama of the Delta-Variant, Mask Mandates, and the tension between factions on both sides of the debate. Business leaders who have been grappling with how and when to bring teams back into the office continue to agonize over those decisions.


Here in the #Trenches of Intelligentics’ projects, our team is currently providing mentoring and leadership development for a number of people on multiple clients’ management teams from different levels of the organization. Having helped identify their Enneagram personality types and understand their relational and coping styles, we understand that individuals have very diverse opinions and emotions based on their personalities and experiences. The executive-level decision regarding a return to work is going to be received differently, and it’s crucial to be listening to your team members in order to anticipate that impact.

Save the date of October, 7, 2021 for Intelligentics’ Virtual Summit in which we are going to bring thought leadership together in discussing all of the hot-button issues surrounding the return to work from Covid.


Which brings me to this week’s #TimelessPrinciple. The ancient Zeno of Cinium, quoted by Diogenes Laërtius, observed matter-of-factly, “We have two ears and one mouth, so we should listen more than we say.”


If you need help listening to your team members, or your customers, give us a call here at Intelligentics and we’ll help you customize a survey or focus groups to give you the intelligence you need to make wise tactical decisions that will lead to success. Have a great rest of your week!