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The Supply Chain Is Changing Customer Behavior

The harsh realities of on-going supply chain issues have B2B customers scrambling, and it is changing their purchasing behavior. The longer the supply-chain issues continue, the more likely that it could create long-term shifts in the way customers search for and procure parts. Doing the research with your customers helps B2B businesses to benchmark and track these shifts in customer sentiment and behavior. The intelligence gathered is critical to making the right tactical decisions regarding process improvement and digital transformation.

One Intelligentics client is a B2B distributor who invested in a comprehensive Voice of the Customer (VOC) Customer Experience (CX) survey pre-COVID. They recently repeated the survey to get a better handle on the effect the pandemic and supply chain issues have had on their customers’ purchase intent, purchase behavior, customer satisfaction, and loyalty. The results provided crucial business intelligence. For example:

  • Customer behavior with regard to product searches had shifted. Customers were increasingly using aggregators as opposed to supplier website or search engines.
  • Customers reported using more suppliers overall.
  • Product search behavior varied significantly between Tier 1 customers and other Tiers.
  • Product search behavior also varied significantly between customer age groups.

The results of the survey also provided our client with the peace of mind of knowing that COVID and supply chain issues had not had a negative impact on Net Promoter Score (NPS) or Overall Customer Satisfaction (CSAT). At the same time, the trend of customers to spread out parts searches and orders across suppliers meant that building loyalty and retention, especially among the most profitable Tier 1 customers was a crucial strategic need.

Fortunately, the survey also yielded profitable data with regard to the keys to improving loyalty. Two dimensions of service, specifically related to communication and timeliness, were identified as opportunities to most quickly and positively building loyalty. Armed with this intelligence, they know exactly where they tactically need to focus resources to get the most out of investments in technology and systems.

In addition, data from the customer survey also revealed two strategic ways that our client could add value over competitors. As they improve loyalty and retention, they also know how to gain market share and differentiate themselves from competitors in ways that matter to their customers.

In changing times, it is more important than ever to listen to your customers and keep finger on their shifting attitudes, opinions, and behaviors. Intelligentics is providing and customizing a broad array of customer research, surveys, brand tracking, and In-Depth Interview (IDI) services focused on the unique needs of B2B businesses. Please let us know how we can serve you.

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