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Tracking NPS, CSAT, And Customer Sentiment

One of the things the Covid pandemic taught us (the hard way) is that things change rapidly. This is even more true considering social media’s ever-shifting trends. Keeping our fingers on the pulse of customer sentiment has never been more critical.

It is quite common for our clients to conduct annual or semi-annual customer surveys that provide in-depth intelligence on Customer Satisfaction (CSAT), Customer Experience (CX), Web and App User Experience (UX), Strategic Market Position, or Net Promoter Score (NPS). These projects provide reliable customer-centric data which result in a blueprint for making the right tactical decisions in marketing, operations, sales, and vision.

But what if things rapidly change? Will you even know there has been a shift in your customers’ thoughts and opinions before it’s too late?

For decades, Intelligentics has customized and provided on-going “tracker” surveys that allow clients to monitor crucial, top-line customer data such as CSAT, NPS, or brand perception on an on-going basis. Small, yet sufficient, sampling of customers provide peace-of-mind that there have been no shifts in customer sentiment. If shifts do occur, it allows for rapid response to get ahead the trend and make appropriate strategic changes.

Over the last two years, Intelligentics has had multiple cases in which tracker projects have surfaced shifts in customer sentiment prompting quick, focused response to determine if the shifts are significant and what changes might need to be made.

For over 30 years, Intelligentics has been providing America’s leading companies, both large and small, with a full-array of customized survey, research, and assessment solutions. Contact us at or 515-777-8899 to start a conversation about how we might help keep your finger on the pulse of your customer’s thoughts and opinions. Get the customer-centered business intelligence you need to make tactical decisions that will lead to growth, loyalty, and retention.