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First in the field: c wenger group

In the late 1980s, marketing executive Chuck Wenger founded a management consulting firm called “c wenger group” in Des Moines, Iowa. As technology and the Internet age exploded, early clients sought help measuring customer satisfaction and improving customer service in their rapidly evolving contact centers. Those early projects made us a pioneer in the field of call monitoring, call analysis and Quality Assessment.

By linking our expertise in market and customer research to the call monitoring and analysis process, we established a valuable niche by measuring the nuances of a call that drive customer satisfaction. We combined the results of research and QA to create effective data-led training and coaching solutions for our clients.

Advancing our approach: Intelligentics

In 2018 we updated our name to Intelligentics, reflecting a new approach for the needs of a digital economy: where intelligence meets tactics. The universe of data collection continues to expand, and so does the process for interpreting and applying that data. Intelligentics continues to lead the way.

We’re committed to bringing service, integrity, and measurable value to our clients. We’re also proud to have earned the loyalty of some of America’s leading companies while at the same time serving small to mid-sized companies with the same passion and commitment. We look forward to the opportunity of earning your business and making a difference in your service delivery, customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Tom Vander Well

Owner, Shareholder, Board President, Secretary, Treasurer; Chief Executive Officer

Scott Wier

Owner, Shareholder, Board Vice-President, President of Customer Insights

Tony Harris

Owner, Shareholder, Board Member, Branding and Marketing Strategy Advisor

Matthew Burch

Board Member, Corporate Culture and Communication Advisor

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