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The quick start way to actionable QA.

Many B2B companies have no internal Quality Assessment process in place. Even those who do generate data and reports that do not provide managers with an accurate picture of the Customer Experience (CX) from the customer’s point-of-view. While the internal QA data may be helpful for holding agents accountable to internal metrics and initiatives, results are often clouded by analyst bias, inconsistencies in methodology, and lack of discipline in both analysis and reporting.

For over 25 years Intelligentics has been providing clients with independent, objective assessments of service quality at the moment of truth when your customers are interacting with your agents. Our Inspect 100 program is just like the routine maintenance inspection your mechanic runs on your car to let you know what’s running well, what requires routine maintenance, and where warning signs hint of larger issues that could cost you in the long run.

Here’s what you receive with Inspect 100:

  • Detailed assessment of one hundred calls (with option to include email and chat assessments)
  • Independent, objective assessment from the customer perspective in key categories:
    • Resolution
    • Courtesy/Friendliness
    • Efficiency
    • Timeliness
  • An analysis of calls on up to twenty established behavioral elements provided by your agents.
  • Data on the variability of service experiences. The highs and lows your team is providing.
  • Identification of policies, procedures, systemic issues, outside of agents’ control.
  • A tactical list of behavioral and systemic improvement opportunities.
  • A brief summary of every call analyzed, noting our experienced analysts’ impressions.
  • Comparative analysis of how your team stacks up against other companies.
  • An award noting the completion of the project and overall results (bronze, silver, gold, platinum).

So, what’s the ROI?

If you don’t have a QA program, Inspect 100 provides an objective benchmark assessment at a fraction of the cost of trying to create and develop your own program.

If you do have a QA program, Inspect 100 provides an independent audit allowing you to reality-test the quality of results and data you’re getting from your internal team.

No more guessing where you need to invest training and improvement resources. Results provide you a roadmap for improvement, identifying specific service skills and system issues that are key opportunities to improve customer experience, satisfaction, and retention.

Already have a world-class team? Inspect 100 is a great way to provide independent validation to your customers from experts who have been measuring quality and satisfaction for over a quarter century.

More ways to reach the next level.



Pulse 30 QA

Keep your finger on the pulse of the service your team. Pulse 30 QA delivers:

  • Thirty calls per month analyzed by our team of experts
  • Data delivered right to your desktop
  • Measure improvement against your Inspect 100 benchmark
  • Monthly consultation with Intelligentics analyst to discuss observations and suggest tactics
  • Starting at $1500/mo*

Tactics Service Basics Training

A two-hour, energetic, basic service skills training that gives your team proven tactics for driving a positive customer experience. The tactical training covers:

  • Communicating empathy
  • Enhancing resolution
  • Courting customers with courtesy
  • Leaving a lasting impression
  • Starting at $999

Individual Call Coaching

One-on-one thirty-minute call coaching sessions with an Intelligentics quality coach provides:

  • Detailed assessment of up-to three phone calls
  • Review of actual calls with an agent (and supervisor)
  • Specific tactics for implementing key service skills
  • Follow-up report for management
  • Starting at $150/session

Custom Built QA Solutions

Intelligentics creates custom QA solutions for teams of all sizes, providing you with the data you need on both a team and individual agent basis, to make tactical, measurable improvements to your customer experience.


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