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Every Project Begins with Knowing the Questions to Ask

At Intelligentics, we craft a cost-effective research process to yield actionable information that’s tailored to your needs – because solid data leads to real numbers and a foundation for better business decisions. Our clients tell us that one of our strengths is making our research approachable, understandable, and above all – practical. With almost 40 years serving large and small organizations on a global scale, we offer a full array of survey research capabilities and services.

Customer Experience Analysis: customer perceptions are your reality.

How do customers feel about doing business with your company? Many companies gather and track customer experience metrics such as a Net Promoter Score (NPS), Overall Satisfaction (CSAT), and Customer Effort Score (CES).

But what do these ratings mean? Once you know one or more of these numbers, what do you do next? At Intelligentics, we focus on helping you make sense of customer experience metrics and develop practical insights behind your customers’ opinions. Simply put, we help you understand why your customers feel the way they do, and what you can do to improve their perception and create loyalty.

Voice of the Customer: practical solutions for companies of all sizes.

Voice of the Customer (VoC) is a process used to collect and analyze customer feedback to determine a customer’s needs. You can then utilize this information to improve products and/or processes. Many of the world’s largest companies rely on software-based VoC tools to collect and analyze feedback. These tools commonly make heavy use of free-form data (customer comments in surveys, social media posts, etc.) coupled with text analytics to provide insights into drivers of Customer Satisfaction or Net Promoter Scores. In practice, managing this approach requires significant internal staff resources along with thousands (or even millions) of customer comments.

But what if your company doesn’t have a dedicated in-house customer research staff and tens of thousands of customers? At Intelligentics, we focus much of our Voice of the Customer work on helping smaller and medium-sized companies (as well as savvy big companies who understand that large quantities of data don’t always lead to accurate customer insights). Whatever the size of your organization, you can leverage the benefits of VoC without the need for tens of thousands of customer responses.

Customer Satisfaction Research: unlocking CSAT to gain understanding of critical drivers.

Many companies measure and track customer satisfaction (CSAT) as part of their customer feedback process. But few go deeper to quantitatively understand what drives satisfaction. What dimensions of service or product do your customers value the most? At Intelligentics, we focus on helping you move beyond Overall Satisfaction and develop practical insights behind customer opinions.

We work with you to design and implement effective methods that reveal how customers define satisfaction at each touch-point in their journey – and how your business is performing against those expectations. Using proven research techniques, we generate actionable insights from customers. Depending on your needs, CSAT surveys can range from comprehensive, broad satisfaction studies to narrowly-focused assessments of specific processes and touch-points. No matter the scope, our goal is to provide you cost-effective, trustworthy data that inspires good business decisions.