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Mentors for Success

Intelligentics utilizes relevant data to customize a training and coaching approach that has a powerful, positive impact on your business. Because we’ve surveyed customers, we can help front-line sales and service agents understand exactly what drives your customers’ satisfaction. Because we’ve listened to and analyzed a significant number of phone calls, we know the situations and conversations that create the greatest challenges for your team members. Our coaching and training efforts focus on the real challenges your representatives face, and provide time-tested strategies to help them engage customers in a way that enhances loyalty to your brand.

Customer Service Training: boosting efficiency.

All the research and Quality Assessment data in the world has limited value if it doesn’t translate into training that changes behavior on the front line. Intelligentics has turned data into effective training for almost 40 years. Our customer service training isn’t another generic, off-the-shelf program that doesn’t address the real, specific challenges your representatives struggle with every day. When coupled with our research and QA, we customize training content to make our guidance relevant with the situation-specific experiences that your agents deal with every day.

One of our most popular training techniques involves creating simulated phone calls with voice actors. These are based on actual calls we’ve heard and analyzed in our Service Quality Assessment. Anything that might identify the agents who took the actual calls is altered to protect privacy. The result is an actual customer service situation that the team can analyze and discuss. New skills and techniques are then presented, and your agents become trained on how to approach these real-life situations.

Whatever your needs, Intelligentics can customize a training approach for your team – from one-time training events to monthly or quarterly team sessions – all to meet your challenges and budget realities.

Coaching: experts in one-on-one call & email coaching for decades

Intelligentics believes in customer-centered coaching. We trust our data from customer research and Quality Assessment, and use it to provide relevant call coaching that improves the customer experience and results in higher levels of satisfaction and loyalty.

An outside, objective coach ensures that call training is focused on the customer and agent – avoiding the bias that often results when in-house coaches let personal or internal work issues get in the way of objective feedback. Our experienced call coaches approach each session with a desire to encourage, empower, and equip your agents with skills and techniques that improve the customer experience. Whether you need a comprehensive call coaching program for the entire team or a focused project to help one agent, Intelligentics tailors each approach to meet your goals.