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/inˈteləjəntiks/: Where intelligence meets tactics.

It’s Not Enough to Simply Gather Intelligence

Success comes from collecting targeted customer data, competitive information and customer insights – and then applying that intelligence through tactics designed for organizational growth. For almost 40 years, the team at Intelligentics has perfected the cooperative art of merging intelligence with tactics. That expertise – combined with our responsive, high-touch service – frees you and your team to focus on what you do best.

More About Us
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“Turnkey” is More Than a Buzzword

Every member of the Intelligentics team is focused on our mission of delivering turnkey service. We take a comprehensive approach to serve your organization and achieve your objectives, based on three time-tested pillars:

We roll up our sleeves to mine data, conduct targeted surveys, and measure all insights to identify opportunities for profitable improvement.

Through call monitoring, benchmarking and objective audits, Intelligentics accurately measures your team’s customer service performance.

We help you focus on achieving long-term loyalty by understanding your customers’ needs and your representatives’ challenges.